This is how we lowered a housing and interior customer acquisition cost with 52% in 40 days with paid socials, google ads and email marketing

Mentioned is a webshop that sells home and interior products.
Out of respect for the customer’s numbers, we refer to the customer as Myles.

The owner, Myles, contacted us with the goal of getting the most out of his budget and increasing sales through the webshop. $10.000 per month was budget for advertising on various channels. After analyzing the business and the challenges they faced, we developed a strategy to help him achieve his goals. 

Before we got on the sidelines, Myles’ total marketing setup had several shortcomings and still made a number of rookie mistakes, including a lack of usable content and good copywriting – poor email marketing and the business’s lack of an overall strategy were worrying. We started by analyzing everything that had been done before and we developed a strategy to address these shortcomings and optimize everything. 

We got Myles to create content based on our presented guides and together we wrote several different texts that caught the attention of the target group. We implemented an ad setup and a strategy on paid socials and google ads that was effective right from the start. In this case, Myles and the business were indeed ikke NOT strong organically, but sales nevertheless exploded surprisingly which was a positive surprise.

After just 40 days, we’ve actually lowered the customer acquisition cost by 52%. 

We have now expanded to more channels and moved towards an omnichannel approach, and we continue to set new goals and higher ambitions. We are delighted to have helped Myles achieve his goals and see the business grow and will continue to work closely with him to ensure he continues to succeed and grow further.