Here's how we helped a garden & tile company go from 10 leads to +80 leads per month with Meta advertising and a new tailored website.

We had the pleasure of working with a garden & tile company that wanted to increase their number of potential customers. Before we started the collaboration, they only received about 10 inbound leads per month. The company was interested in improving their marketing and we suggested them to use Facebook advertising for a start.

We started from scratch. Started by making the company a Facebook & Instagram account,  get some good video material and pictures that were of quality shot. We targeted the ads to people in the area who had an interest in improving their home or garden by getting clean tiles. 

We built a new website where potential customers could find more information about the company and their services. The landing page was designed to increase conversions by making it easy for visitors to book an appointment or search for more information about the business.

The results after 30 days were remarkable. During the first 2 weeks of the campaigns, the company received more than 30 leads, which was a significant improvement from their previous level of 10 leads per month. They could now use these leads to convert more potential customers into actual customers. 

Facebook advertising has been a successful solution for this business. By targeting their ads to the right people and directing visitors to an effective landing page, it was possible to significantly increase the number of leads and allow the business to grow. It ended up in the first 4 months with an average number of leads per month on a whopping +80 inbound leads. During the winter period, we lowered the budget, and the results obviously followed.