Here is a brief overview of how we grew a dog webshop's revenue by 232% in the first 20 days with Meta advertising alone

Mentioned is a webshop that sells everything for dogs.
Out of respect for the customer’s numbers, we refer to the customer as Julie.

Julie, the owner of a webshop that sells everything for dogs, wanted to increase sales on her webshop. She approached us with a goal of turning over a minimum of $ 150000 monthly on the webshop within 90 days with a daily budget of $20.

After analyzing everything that had been done before, we identified several shortcomings and rookie mistakes, including an unstructured setup, lack of correct tracking, tailored content, copywriting that captures people, lack of email marketing, lack of overall strategy, lack of omnichannel approach, a low website conversion rate and a poor ad setup.

We started implementing our ad setup and strategy on Facebook and created strong organic content. We also created user-generated content (UGC) filmed from our provided guides.

The result was impressive – in the first 20 days alone, the webshop’s revenue grew by 232%. Julie’s business is developing rapidly, and she has just invested in a new shop and new warehouse. She has also hired her first part-time employee.

We are now expanding to more channels and moving towards an omnichannel approach. The budget for the advertising must be increased when Julie is ready to scale further.

After 67 days, Julie can breathe a sigh of relief about the finances. We expect to reach a turnover of $100.000 in 3 months. Julie no longer has to worry about her salary and where the money comes from.

Through our analysis and our effective meta-advertising strategy, we managed to help Julie achieve her goals and create a profitable business. We look forward to continuing to help her grow her business further.