Born and raised on Lolland, but now living in Copenhagen, you could almost say that we’re living “The Danish Dream”

We’ve had an exciting journey over the past 3 years. It started as a hobby, but gradually grew so big that in 2022 we went full-time on Markeity. Over time, we’ve become authorized and recognized with certificates across several different channels, which allows us to offer an omnipresence approach and almost a guarantee of success. But it requires hard work.

We make decisions based on data rather than gut feelings in 98% of all cases. The last 2% are the gut feelings that one should follow and feel most comfortable with.

If you’re not making profit, we won’t send an invoice. It has to make sense economically to have us on board.

We adapt to your brand, and therefore it’s important to involve us in everything we need to know about you and your company.


Jeppe Schrøder

Pacco Agbitsa