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You know that feeling when communication is poor and fancy marketing reports are impossible to understand? We try to make it easy and straightforward on a level that everyone can follow. You can contact us any day and expect a response within 4 hours, even on weekends. We view each collaboration as a true partnership, meaning that you’re not just another client in line like with the big agencies. This might also mean that we’re a bit more demanding, but only because we want you and your marketing to be successful.


Direct communication

We believe that good and direct communication is important for the collaboration to result in success.


If we're not honest with each other, it becomes difficult to see how we can together get the best out of a collaboration.


It is extremely important to us that we are all open-minded towards new initiatives and ideas that arise along the way. We believe it is a necessity not to exclude anything at all.


Definitely a factor that is a must in our eyes. We have to trust each other and enter into the collaboration with the necessary belief that both parties want the best for each other.

Who is Pacco & Jeppe

Born and raised on Lolland, but now living in Copenhagen, you could almost say that we’re living “The Danish Dream” 

We’ve had an exciting journey over the past 3 years. It started as a hobby, but gradually grew so big that in 2022 we went full-time on Markeity. Over time, we’ve become authorized and recognized with certificates across several different channels, which allows us to offer an omnipresence approach and almost a guarantee of success. But it requires hard work.

We make decisions based on data rather than gut feelings in 98% of all cases. The last 2% are the gut feelings that one should follow and feel most comfortable with.

If you're not making profit, we won't send an invoice. It has to make sense economically to have us on board.

We adapt to your brand, and therefore it's important to involve us in everything we need to know about you and your company.

B2C webshops, service companies, and SaaS companies have all been on successful journeys with us.

About us

This is what our clients think of us

Meet Jeppe and Pacco – the digital gurus with a sharp eye for marketing. These two young men have been running their own digital marketing agency since 2020 and have since been on an extraordinary journey filled with creative campaigns, crazy ideas, and a lot of success.

From the two small towns of Bandholm and Maribo, to the capital city on Amager and Osterbro, their strategy has always stood out from the crowd. With their combined experience and independent approach, they’re always looking for new ways to make their clients stand out. In short, if you want a unique and successful collaboration, Jeppe and Pacco are the only ones you need to talk to.

Our process

Meet us

Jeppe Schrøder

On average our clients grow their profits by

118% in under 120 days

We help established D2C brands scale to

7-8 figures

Our strategies are found in 12 different countries

North America to Europe to Asia

Updated: 01/05/2023

90 days timeline

  • 1-3 days

    - Content upload in Google Drive folder.

    - If the content is approved, we'll develop a marketing plan and then set up campaigns, email marketing, and SEO optimization.

    - Before publishing you'll have the chance to edit and tweak the copy.
  • 4-20 days

    - We continuously split test parts of the content, copy, landing pages, and more.

    - The higher the budget, the faster can we identify what performs well.

    - It may happen that we need to pause everything and rethink the strategy already within the first 3 weeks.
  • 21-30 days

    - At each month's end, we should have new content depending on performance.

    - We continuously optimize and involve you in the process if you want to be included.
  • 31-80 days

    - Again, we continuously optimize and involve you in the process if you want to be included.

    - If the budget has not been scaled up already, this is the phase where we have a talk about it because the goal is to grow. However, this is only possible if you can keep up, as we do not want to end up in a situation where everything needs to be paused.
  • 81-90 days

    - Before the 90 days are up, we will have already had a dialogue about whether the collaboration should continue.

    - If we haven't made a profit after 90 days, we will not charge anything.